Weber Catering, LLC
305 Easy St., New Wilmington, PA  16142

Owner, Michonda Weber (724) 301-2829
Sales & Event Specialists:  
Jamie  (724) 301-2830
Roberta (724)406-4484

Hello, and welcome to the Weber Catering Family!  Here you'll find a few facts about us to further your confidence in our ability to serve you.  

How it all started:  Weber Catering started over 20 years ago by Michonda Weber with variations on the name until recently incorporating as Weber Catering, LLC.     Using wholesale contacts and the quality meat supply via our family's USDA meat plant, and our licensed facilities, I catered a few family weddings and parties, got some business cards printed up and was in business! 

I have been working in the food & food safety industry my whole life.  Growing up in the meat plant business has provided an acquisition of a vast knowledge and understanding of food production from farm to fork!   I have written, implemented and continue to maintain the HACCP food safety program as the Coordinator for our  USDA meat plant.   I've always been drawn to and worked in the food industry with many fond memories in my early years at The Tavern on the Square right here in New Wilmington.  I also worked in management for Wendy's of Greater Pittsburgh after acquiring my Degree in Business from Penn State.   

It's only grown from there!  Where I once had a goal to have at least one event a month, we now cater several events in one day, and groups and guest counts at times over 1000!  I have not got there alone.  Weber Catering is not only woman owned, but now operated by a core group of amazing women!  We are blessed with an amazing staff who care about their work and the success of each event we do.  This is no longer a one woman show, but a well oiled  team venture!  ~We are selective about who is part of our staff, and they have been repeatedly complimented on their professionalism, quality of work and tremendous work ethic. 

Faubulous Staff:  Our kitchen staff in addition to myself are certified in food safety, and we attend continuing education applicable to our industry.  Our kitchen staff  bring flavor profiles to life creating any dish we order up!  Our very talented pastry chef and baking personnel create gorgeous and enchanting cakes and pastries and confections.   Our sales and event coordinators pull off the most beautiful events like magic, with hours of planning, organizing, staffing, researching, loading, unloading, carrying, in rain, sleet, snow and heat!   We have staff with a passion for doing dishes, and others who love to clean, and thank goodness for the organizers who minimize the chaos!  We are so greatly blessed by every single member of our team and their special gifts they bring to the success of this company.   

Our Ingredients:  Our meats, as always are procured locally from our family meat shop and our award winning bacon is a staple and signature item on our menu.  Our ingredients are procured locally as possible, and we support the agriculture community, 4H and FFA as so many of them have been part of our growth as both suppliers and clients growing this business.  We make wholesome fresh foods and accommodate a fair amount of food sensitivities.

We do business in all surrounding counties and beyond.  We will travel!   

References:  We are a source for area churches, organizations, business & medical offices, pharmaceutical reps, industrial plants, shooting ranges, golf courses and barn and ballroom venues and those seeking a caterer. 

We've had the honor of catering for many dignitaries and politicians.   We've had the distinct honor of catering for our President Obama during his campaign in Western, PA.  We've also catered for Senator Elder Vogel, Melissa Hart, Jason Altmire, Duke Whiting, Mayors and Representatives in our locale and events for both the Republican and Democratic Parties.  We are an all party caterer! 

These are in addition to all of our clients who we've had the honor of being part of their special occasions; catering graduations, weddings, anniversaries, bridal & baby showers, birthdays, baptism's, rehearsal & bachelor parties, golf outings, fundraisers & memorial services.... and more!    We can put you in touch with these folks for references if desired. 

Legitimate Business:  We have always been a legitimate establishment with an inspected and licensed facility.  We carry all the insurances and licenses and pay all the taxes associated with operating a small business.  We purchase our meats locally, direct from our meat shop and make a point to support local business & agriculture.  We are NOT can to pan caterers, we actually cut up real potatoes, mix up ingredients, create and bake! 

It'Sweet Confections Division:  We are super excited about our latest venture!  We've recently added a chocolate dipped confections division to our repertoire and are now offering chocolate dipped and decorated pretzels, oreos, truffles, cookies, berries and more!   This division is in cooperation with Whole Life Services out of Hermitage, PA.  Whole Life finds work for the mentally disabled.  We have been blessed with the addition of several new specially gifted staff who not only work with us in chocolate dipping but also in the many facets of catering.  

This is a rewarding business!    Life ~ It'Sweet!