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This is the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To sum it up, the most frequently asked question we get is............

How much is a catered event?  The answer is "It depends".   As you can see from our picture album, we do our best to be diversified and offer a very wide range of services.   We offer, as our logo states, Everything from Tea Parties to Pig Roasts, and everything in between.  

We can put together an entire event with an array of tasty food, tents, tables, chairs, linens, china, silverware, entertainment, portajohns, and ponies!  

But we also offer several levels of diversified service as well.  You can order "just the meat" for your event, we also have "set n go" where we drop off the food as well as limited service events.   We also offer ready to heat & eat meals in packages of 2 or 4.  

We've done some really interesting and fun events over the years that include interactive stations like our signature champagne cheesecake bar, or mashed potato martini bars, themed events like New York New York, to name a few.  We also do some concessions and have fun things like a sno cone machine! 

The next most often asked question we get is "How much notice do you need to book an event".  Again, it depends.   We recommend that as soon as you know, you let us know and get a downpayment for that date!    If someone beats you to the date........... 

Another question we are often asked is about venues.  We have an extensive list of venues that we can cater at.  We also have an exclusive list of private outdoor estate venues available as well. 

Finally, other questions that we get include what all do you offer?   And, really the sky's the limit.  We've been blessed with meeting some really talented and great business people over the years.  We have a lot of contacts, so if you're looking for something special or unique, we just may be able to find that for you. 

If YOU have any questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to answer them!

Have a Delicious Day!

Michonda Weber