It falls on the day before Mothers Day!
So for 2017 - the date is May 13th.

We will also be featuring our selection of Meadow Creek Stainless Steel Grills and Smokers.  Come hungry and enjoy the pork, beef and chicken we will be cooking on these wonderful grills.  Just imagine how you will impress your next party when you serve them hot, delicious barbeque straight off your grill.  We won't ever tell them that it was the cooker that did most of the work!!!

The open house will be at WHITING FAMILY FOODS:  305 Easy Street, Rt. 208 E., New Wilmington, PA  16142--where Sam Sam the Butcherman will also be featuring incredible deals inside on his fresh meats and cheeses!

You don't want to miss this wonderful day--and bring the family because all are welcome!  

We are taking a year off from the BBQ CookOff Competition.  Let us know if you are interested in having it back in the future!


SMOKERS--considered by purists to be what true barbeque is all about.  Low temperatures and long cooking times impart great flavor.
GRILLS / COOKERS--can be equipped for charcoal or propane fuel depending on your cooking preferences.
Pig Roasters utilize an even distribution of heat swirling around the closed lid for uniform cooking, without burning the meat. Smoke fills the open cavity and under the skin as the fat is rendered down, flavoring the meat in a way unlike any other method. Whole pigs are placed on the rack, the lid is closed and not opened again until the meat is ready.Smokers are considered by purists to be what barbecue is all about. Low temperatures and slow cooking allow flavor to develop in a natural, delicious way. The result is the most tender and juicy meat, every time. Pork shoulders cooked for 12 hours at low heat melt in your mouth!
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