Q:  Do I have to buy a whole beef to get a deal?

A:  No, you can purchase one steak, one chicken breast, or you can buy in bulk or choose a whole, half or quarter of beef or pork.

Q:  Do get your meat locally

A:  Yes, your purchase supports the local agricultural community.  We raise beef and pork ourselves and network with many local farmers and livestock markets to bring you quality, locally grown, safe meat.

Q: Do you ever carry exotic meats such as rabbit, buffalo, venison, etc?

A: On occasion we do carry exotic meats. For more information about upcoming shipments, please contact us.

Q: Do you offer wholesale services?

A: Yes, we supply several area restaurants, as well as supply other meat companies with our USDA inspected product.  We often run bulk sales as well, offering case purchases to the retail community at wholesale prices.

Q:  How do I know that your meat is safe to eat?

A:  We are a USDA federally inspected meat plant with a working HACCP plan in place.  Controls are in place to ensure that all meat is both a quality product as well as safe product that you can enjoy with confidence!

Annual Open House

Saturday, May 13th.

Great Deals in store that day!

Delicious food for lunch served too!


Don't forget about Sam's Smokehouse--it is running nearly 24 hours a day, turning out AWARD WINNING bacon, ham, beef jerky, beef stix, kielbassa, and so much more!

The most delectable delights come from our smokehouse.  Sam develops and perfects every recipe to create mouthwatering sensations!  

Sam even remembers your best friend.  We carry a wide variety of smoked doggy treats too!

Our Famous Beef Jerky and Beef Stix are available in the following flavors:
Hot and Spicy
4 Pepper
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