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So much information!  It can be overwhelming!  

Know that we are a customized caterer and offer a wide range of cuisine, service and styles.  From small a la carte drop off orders to large scale full event planning and everything in between....This makes pricing a challenge.  

We have some base package starting price points to give you an idea of pricing. 

No matter your event, an elaborate or informal wedding, a business meeting or banquet, family reunion or conference, we are happy to meet with you in person, via email, and/or on the phone to discuss details and best meet the needs of your event.    
Know that we use wholesome ingredients, have been buying and supporting locally for over 20 years, before it was a trend.  We are licensed, insured, and food safety certified.   

We are blessed with an amazing staff who are gifted and committed to the success of your event and your orders.  Your event provides employment with purpose.  

Please find additional information and price ranges for lunch, brunch, and one dish delight meals hereCookout packages here.

Event Pricing - please note that it is impossible to have a one size fits all package with the diversity of services, locations and types of events we serve.  This is to give you a clue where our pricing starts.   A customized proposal will be made for you. 

Just the food, no staffing, no minimums, no equipment, food only:   Generally speaking, 2 entree's & 2 sides and a salad start around 15-16.00 per guest.  Guest count, final menu selections and the market determine your final price.   Call for a customized quote. 

Delightful Dinner:  Generally speaking, a menu as mentioned above with service staff and base price disposable plates, cutlery & napkins, chafers,   starts in the neighborhood of  25.00 per guest.  This price range works for events with more than 75 guests. Guest count, venue specifications, level of service and the market determine your final price.  Call or meet with us to design a customized quote for you.  

Add Beautiful Beginning Hors d’oeuvres:    Average 2.75 per item per guest.  We can bundle a nice composition of a lovely edible tablescape of 3-4  hors d'oeuvres that can average between $5-8 per guest. 

Add Enchanted Endings:  Cake ~   Assortment of flavors and designs analways open to your ideas.  Most designs average about 2.50 peguest.  No cake cutting fee when we make your cake and cater your event!  Final price dependent on your event in totality.

Read on for more options! 

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Call, email or message us for a consult and individualized quote today!   Contact us! 724-301-2829 724-301-2830 724-406-4484

 Considerations for your event ~ upgrades, options, additions and more!

Menu modifications
: additional sides or entrées, Prime Rib, steaks, lamb or other higher cuts of meat, Onsite cooking, food stations, bars,….. 
 Stations or Bars: 
Salad, Pasta, Chili, Baked Potato, Martini Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Pretzel Dipping, Homemade Chip Bar, Nacho, Bruchetta Bar…..
 Sweet:   Ice Cream Social, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Smore’s, Champagne Cheesecake, Shortcake Biscuit Bar, Cupcake, Chocolate Dipping, Candy,….

Plate & cutlery options:  ~China; dinner & salad plates, Stainless silverware starts around $4 per guest, option to add full china, with dessert, wine, water, coffee, etc. 

  ~Upscale disposable plates and cutlery – great for outdoor events$1-2 per guest.
 Service Style options:  ~buffet – included at no extra charge; ~Plated or Family style starts at $4 per guest; ~Stations priced per event.

 Linen options:  paper, plastic, upscale disposable.  
~ Cloth white, ivo
ry or black linen tablecloths and accessory tablecloths, your choice color linen napkins, additional options of overlays, colored and textured table linens, average about 3.50 -7.00 per guest.

Chair Covers:  start around $4 per guest.  Overlays and extras available.  


Displayware: Rustic, pressed metal, silver, wrought iron, cut glass, contemporary glass, color specific décor, lighted backdrop, ceiling sash décor,...  
Other rentals:  centerpieces, wood tower, chicken wire frame, wooden doors; solid wood or windowed, lighted backdrops, and other specific décor pieces we own.  
Venue specific layout and requirements. Some venue set ups require more staffing due to logistics, or stipulations
Staffing: Each event and venue is unique, with many factors to determine staff requirements.   

Example of a Reception Menu:   2 entrees, a starch, vegetable, salad & rolls buffet w/ an Edible Tablescape of 3-4 appetizers, Beverage station of Iced Tea, Lemonade, Coffee & Fruited Water, Wedding Cake, Cloth Linens and Linen Napkins, upscale disposable plates & cutlery, with event staff can start in the range of 35.00 to 45.00  and up per guest.  Guest count, exact menu selections, venue specifications, level of services & rentals, and the market determine your final price.  Call to meet for a custom quote.