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Happy Easter!

Do you need Easter Ham, Lamb, Turkey, Potatoes, Vegetables, Salads, Desserts....?

Contact us today to get your Easter Dinner menu ordered! Ready to eat, pick ups Saturday.

It'Sweet Easter Candy, Cake & Confections Specials! 

Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate.... Peanut Butter, Butter Cream, Maple Stuffed Eggs; Chocolate Covered Oreos, Pretzels, Nutter Butter 
Chicks,  Chocolate Berries, Carrot Cake, Toasted Almond Cake...  Lots of goodies to choose from! 

It'Sweet.. A Purchase with Purpose

Purchase with Purpose, Our It'Sweet Confections division operates in cooperation with Whole Life Services finding work for special needs individuals.  All items are made with love and care by our especially gifted staff.

You're as Sweet as Pie!
Pie, the perfect gift! Great for birthdays, appreciation, or really, do you need a reason to eat pie?

Pie Club Pies are baked and ready for the second week of every month!   Or you can order a pie most anytime!    

April Pies/treats of the month
Cookies & Cream, Dutch Apple, Blackberry Fool Cream Pie, Carrot Cake, Sour Cherry Pie

 Having a meeting?  
Check out our lunch specials or just give us a call or shoot us an email! We'll have lunch ready when you break and can also help with conference locations if you need them too!

Luncheons and Banquets and Parties!!!

Are you planning ahead?
Do you have a group that will be celebrating the ladies, moms, or a school group banquet?
Do you have someone celebrating a graduation?

Contact us today and we'll put a menu together for you!

Contact us with your orders!

Call or email Michonda, Jamie or Roberta to book!  

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