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1. You're like bacon, you make everything better.
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common? I can't get enough of you!
6. Don't go BACON my heart

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14.99 per dozen bouquet (we give you a few more) + tax, delivery, and/or shipping. ORDER TODAY!

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Vendors, Prizes, Demos, Samples! 

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February's Pie choices   

Chocolate French Silk Pie
Cherry Pie!
13.50 per pie.  Pies are baked and ready for the second Monday or Tuesday or every month! 

Time to Order Candy! 
 IT'SWEET - CANDY'S AND CONFECTIONS! Valentine's Order Time!   

It'Sweet is our new division employing the specially abled individuals from Whole Life Services.  Chocolate covered confections, cookies, chocolate gift baskets, goodie baskets and more.     

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